Low Impact Development (LID) refers to a highly effective series of ideas that emphasizes retaining the natural features of a site and reduces the negative impacts of development. It advocates minimizing unnecessary mass grading and soil compaction. It provides real benefits to the homeowners and preserves the value of their investment. LID also reduces environmental costs and infrastructure costs.

LID results in stormwater management, thereby reducing water in basements and maintaining a healthy water table around property.

LID costs less than conventional stormwater management systems. Trees reduce soil surface runoff by infiltrating rainfall to groundwater. They also enhance evaporation of rainwater back to the atmosphere after a storm. Therefore, there is reduced chance of flooding and pollution damage.

Protected, integrated green spaces provides benefits!

1. Improved air quality

2. Increase in property value.

3. Improved pollinator and bird habitat

4. Improved livability and aesthetics of a community

5. Reduced greenhouse gases and heat island effect

6. Reduced smog and particulate damage

7. Reduced energy costs for air conditioning and heating

8. Improved wetlands, green corridors and wildlife habitat