Diana Beresford Kroeger

Diana Beresford-Kroeger, botanist and medical biochemist,  was the keynote speaker at the Ontario Urban Forest Council Conference held in St Catherine’s in autumn 2010.

In her presentation Diane talked of trees as extraordinary, complex species. In our earth system the trees connect us to the sun as they oxygenate the planet. She spoke of the vast tonnage of tri-terpenes that are liberated by the boreal forest like a detergent cleaning the air with natural fungicides and natural antibiotics. They hang onto cloud droplets and regulate the weather of the world.

Diane talked about democracy of the land and how we need a land agreement between the species for care and sharing. And then she detailed specific trees that give massive carbon sequestration and can help us withstand the huge flow of severe weather and UV exposure that climate change is bringing .

If you want to learn more, there are a few copies of her latest book, The Global Forest at the Guelph Public Library. It is a fascinating read. You won’t be disappointed.