Thank you for contacting me about issues that are important both to your group and to residents of Guelph.


The urban canopy is of vital importance to cities worldwide and I am pleased by the steps that Guelph is making towards addressing these issues. As a real estate broker and Guelph resident, I recognise the community (and dollar) value of trees, as well as the numerous benefits they provide to our society. Should I be fortunate enough to be elected to council on October 27th, I look forward to the opportunity to review Guelph’s current and future urban forestry management plans in context of Guelph’s fiscal realities and budgeting priority and needs. Knowledge and understanding is of utmost importance, and until I examine our city’s budget obligations for the coming council term and fully appreciate the entire city’s scope, it would be unwise to make any ongoing policy commitments regarding forestry management.


Thank you once again for reaching out to me, and I wish your group all the best in the future.
Mark MacKinnon
Ward 6 Guelph
Municipal Election Candidate
Election Date: October 27, 2014
Twitter:  @ward6mark