Thank you for your efforts and concerns. I agree with the importance and benefits of our tree canopy in Guelph.

As development agent for a number of commercial,industrial and residential projects in Guelph,we have always attempted to incorporate healthy large trees in our site plans as part of our landscape plans.

If elected in ward 2 (councillor) my position on your concerns is as follows;

Item #1–I can’t agree;

Until we have an opportunity to evaluate the 2015 budget proposal and the financial position of the city,I could not answer yes to this question.

I suspect a new council will impose a hiring freeze for new full time employees.

It may be possible to “contract out”a firm for a portion of the backlog.


Item #2–I agree–This could be implemented on city property immediatly.

On new development of private property it would require incorporation into the landscape requirements of site plan approvals  Planning staff are currently doing this.


Item #3–I agree-see my answer to #2


Item #4-I agree

The tree inventory must be completed. I can’t agree with arbitrarily assigning dollar values to existing inventory.This again could be incorporated with my comments re item 2


Item #5- I can’t agree


This would not be acceptable to the majority of private home owners who value their trees and would balk at any furthur incursion of their property rights.


Item #6–I agree

This containment action is critical and requires immediate action.


Having stated my personal opinion I suggest it is subject to the wishes of the majority of the residents of ward 2- if I am elected to be their representative on council.


Thank You

Ray Ferraro