2021 Notable Tree Award

The 2021 Notable Tree Award honours a giant White Pine in Preservation Park, estimated to be at least 144 years old. Nominated as a notable tree by Guelph resident Dave Penny the tree is likely the grandparent of many of the other white pines growing in the surrounding woodland

The Grandparents double pine tree started life in a farm edge, stone fence row on Hanlon Creek at the time of the 50th Anniversary of Guelph (April 23, 1877). On that occasion Felix Hanlon, the man who cut down the famous Maple for John Galt and The Canada Company in 1827, gathered with his neighbours, his children and grandchildren to celebrate the day. Queen Victoria was on the throne and the industrial revolution was going at full speed. By 1877 Guelph was connected to all the world by rail. To celebrate the occasion, everyone was given an orange that day. The Grandparents pine now stands above all the trees in Preservation Park. It has watched the community grow, move west, go to war, return from war, go through good times and bad and in the end re-create itself in a beautiful urban forest.

Measurement of tree in DBH(Circumference in cm at breast height):  478cm (double trunk)
Age – estimate of age of tree:  144
Width of Canopy (estimate width of trees crown or canopy):  16.5 Metres
Tree Location: Address/name of property/GPS:  Behind 25 Somerset Glen in Preservation Park 43.508528, -80.216972

Source: Notable Tree submission made by Dave Penny