Below is a list of candidates running for office in the 2014 election.  The names in green have replied to our Candidate Questionnaire and if you click on their names,  you can see their answers.   If time permits we will update any that come in until early October 2014.   A link to the questionnaire is here.

A summary of all responses in Excel format is available; send a request to for this.

1 to be elected Jason Blokhuis Andrew Donovan
Karen Farbridge Cam Guthrie
John Legere Nicholas A Ross
Joseph St Denis
Ward 1
2 to be elected Bob Bell Dan Gibson
Terry O’Connor Maria Pezzano
Karolyne Pickett
Ward 2
2 to be elected Martin Collier Ray Ferraro
James Gordon Chris Kelleher Sr
Sian Matway Andy Van Hellemond
Ward 3
2 to be elected Phil Allt Craig Chamberlain
Jason Dodge June Hofland
Maggie Laidlaw Bob Moore
Ward 4
2 to be elected Christine Billings Mark Briestensky
Rob Dunn-Dufault Laurie Garbutt
Greg Roffey Mike Salisbury
Greg Schirk Scott Tracey
Gary Walton
Ward 5
2 to be elected Scott R Butler Cathy Downer
D J Galatianos Alex Green
Leanne Piper Bob Senechal
Ward 6
2 to be elected Todd J. Dennis Mark MacKinnon
Keith Poore Glen Tolhurst
Karl Wettstein