The Value Of Urban Trees

The Value of Urban Trees

Over a 50-year lifespan, the average tree will provide:

  • $31,250 worth of oxygen
  • $62,000 worth of air-pollution control
  • $37,500 worth of water recycling and humidity control
  • $31,250 worth of soil-erosion control
  • $31,250  habitat and pollinator support
  • $2500  worth of protein

This works out to almost $200,000, equivalent to $4000 per year

Values provided by The U.S. Forest Service

Your tree can also add 10-25% to your property value

Other benefits provided by urban trees include:

  • shade that reduces heat in your home and our city
  • reduced exposure to harmful UV radiation, responsible for a rapidly increasing rate of skin cancer (S. Ontario has the strongest UV radiation in Canada)
  • improved water quality and quantity
  • air purification, reduces greenhouse gas production

Please choose your tree well. Protect and maintain it. Our sustainable community depends on it.


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