The Value of Urban Trees

Over a 50-year lifespan, the average tree will provide:

  • $31,250 worth of oxygen
  • $62,000 worth of air-pollution control
  • $37,500 worth of water recycling and humidity control
  • $31,250 worth of soil-erosion control
  • $31,250  habitat and pollinator support
  • $2500  worth of protein

This works out to almost $200,000, equivalent to $4000 per year

Values provided by The U.S. Forest Service

Your tree can also add 10-25% to your property value

Other benefits provided by urban trees include:

  • shade that reduces heat in your home and our city
  • reduced exposure to harmful UV radiation, responsible for a rapidly increasing rate of skin cancer (S. Ontario has the strongest UV radiation in Canada)
  • improved water quality and quantity
  • air purification, reduces greenhouse gas production

Please choose your tree well. Protect and maintain it. Our sustainable community depends on it.

Visit Guelph Urban Forest Friends at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings under The Big Umbrella