Guelph’s Great Tree Hunt

Help us find Guelph’s Great Trees ! Do you know of a tree that is great in Guelph – it could be beautiful to you or really large or have a great story behind it. Click here for more details on how to enter your tree in Guelph’s Great Tree Hunt.

Winter Tree ID for Deciduous Trees

Winter is a great time to go for a walk and explore the form of trees. Without leaves on deciduous trees you can see the beautiful structure of the tree. Tree identification requires a little detective work. In the winter months, identifying trees takes a bit more scrutinizing. On deciduous tree since there are no leaves,…

Deer proliferation disrupts a forest’s natural growth

March 7, 2014 By Joe Schwartz ITHACA, N.Y. – By literally looking below the surface and digging up the dirt, Cornell researchers have discovered that a burgeoning deer population forever alters the progression of a forest’s natural future by creating environmental havoc in the soil and disrupting the soil’s natural seed banks. The study, “Deer Browsing Delays…

Photo Contest 2013

Theme of the photo contest: The Tree Timeline Categories: Past-The Storyteller Present-Here and Now Future- The Oracle