Henry Kock Award 2021

Many knew Henry well, and for those who never had the chance to meet him before his passing in 2005, you will no doubt have heard many of the stories about his dedication to growing, protecting and advocating for trees and their natural environment! Henry was cherished for his wisdom, integrity and mentorship, and each…

Notable Trees of Guelph 2021

“A notable tree, cherished by the community for its heritage value and as a fine example of its species” Do you know a tree or group of trees in Guelph that should be nominated. Lets us know so we can help protect these great trees. Fill out the nomination form and send it to us….

2019 Henry Kock Award for Tree Stewardship

Presented at the Arb Expo September 14 at the Guelph Arboretum by Sean Fox. This year, the Guelph Urban Forest Friends are introducing the inaugural Henry Kock Award for Tree Stewardship.  Many  knew Henry very well, and for those that never had the chance to meet him before his passing in 2005, you will no…

The Bur Oaks of Guelph

Bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) is the only native oak species that is indigenous to the Guelph area. It is identified by the “bur” like protrusions on the edge of the acorn cap. Its leaf shape is variable but noted for the way the leaf ends with a large, rounded “lobe”. Look in a tree identification…

Henry Kock Award

Do you know someone that goes above and beyond in advocating for trees in the Guelph area. Nominate them for the 2021 Henry Kock Award.

Photo Contest 2013

Theme of the photo contest: The Tree Timeline Categories: Past-The Storyteller Present-Here and Now Future- The Oracle